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Have you tried to contact the ISS?
ISS passes over our area. (best are Highest Point Alt > 30)
ARISS general QSO frequencies:
• Downlink (listen) for all modes: 145.80 MHz
• Uplinks: 144.49 MHz (Voice), 145.825 MHz (Packet),

437.80 MHz (Cross-band voice)

NOTE: Adjust frequencies with this Doppler table

Rick KC5ZTE, Michael KF5LJG Contact: Engineer Rick Mastracchio KC5ZTE
Contact: Engineer Steve Swanson (no call)
Station ID: NA1SS (current expedition)
Crew Daily Timelines (UTC schedules)

Station Tours (videos) by Suni Williams:   1    2    3    4 

Click here to calculate next pass at the heavens-above site: 1) configure (or login), 2) choose 'Radio amateur satellites,' and 3) scroll to 'ISS' entries.

Current ISS Position

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Recommended courses for all ARES members:
IS-700.a (NIMS)
IS-100.b (ICS)
IS-200.b (ICS)
IS-800.b (NRF)
IS-271 Weather Risks
ARRL Emerg. Comm.
Levels 1, 2, and 3

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