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Field Day 2001

Field Day 2001 was one of the best field days in recent memory. The weather was great, highs in the upper 80s with a cool breeze and no rain, and we set a club record of 997 HF QSOs, down three from the 1000 QSOs we thought we had achieved. It seems that we forgot that three 2M contacts were logged on one of the logging computers.

As usual, we opperated out of Hewitt Park, and used two HF transmitters which ran on power from the club trailer's generator. The transmitter in the trailer used the beam mounted on the trailer's crank up tower, the other transmitter used a vertical antenna mounted on top of the large pavilion at Hewitt Park. The metal roof of the pavilion served as a excellent ground plane. Additionally, Mike Ross, N5MVL, who operated 10m and 6m with a beam and vertical mounted on a 10-foot tall tripod, contacted a station in Guadeloupe using QRP power! Another notable contact was with a ship in the Pacific Ocean headed for the Galapagos Islands.
Field Day 2001 QSO Points
Type Number Multiplier Total
CW 45 x2 90
Digital 15 x2 30
Phone 964 x1 964
Total QSO Points Power Multiplier Claimed Score
1024 x2 2168
Bonus Points
100% Emergency Power 100
Media Publicity 100
Public Place 100
Information Booth 100
Message to SM 100
W1AW FD Message 100
Formal Messages 100
Satelite -
Natural Power -
Site visited by official 100
Non Tradtional Modes 1   ATV 100
2   SSTV 100
3   --- -