Baylor Bearathon 2013

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2013 Bearathon start of the half-marathonThis year's BEARATHON took place on March 23, 2013, starting at 7 AM, lasting until 11 AM. The half-marathon course, and optional (shorter) 5k course, gave about 2800 runners from across the state opportunity to test their stamina, and support the Baylor Student Foundation, as they ran from the heart of the Baylor campus into the scenic, but steep, roads of Cameron Park—and back. Click the thumbnail images here for more details and radio positions, or check out a slick video tour of the course made by the BSF staff.

The Bearathon Committee has really come to appreciate our commitment each year. For this event, we used the (BARC 147.16 MHz (tone 123) repeater (and 145.15 repeater or simplex 147.55 as backup).

radio-positions Ham operator KF5PGB starting line race officials

Bearathon 2013...Thanks!

by James Jud, KA5QKL
Special Events Coordinator

Bearathon 2013 made its way into the record books this last rainy and cold Saturday, March 23, 2013. In years past, the runner entry registrations were stopped at 2200, then 2400, but this year was allowed to continue until race day and topped 2800. This year’s race was marred by the death of a 21-year old Baylor student who died suddenly just feet away from the finish line. Despite this, the HOTARC Communication team did an outstanding job (as usual) with only a few hiccups. Working on activities like the Bearathon helps us learn how to handle unforeseen problems when they arise.

I would personally like to thank all the members who gave their time and talents to make the communications on this race a success. Those participating were:

Byron Bottoms (KG5FM)

Wayne Branscum (KD5SMC)

John Chamberlain (AC5CV)

Dave Cranfill (AF5CH)

Bill Feltenberger (KD5UEW)

Ron Garrett (KB5TDY)

Scott Hamilton (K5ZOH)

Ed Hynan (KC5KNI)

James Jud (KA5QKL)

Norris Martin (KB5SLI)

Steve Moore (KF5PGD)

Amy Oakley (KF5PGB)

Larry Parham (KF5LNT)

Ralph Ratta (K9RWR)

Jerry Shaw (KF5EQG)

Johnny Skinner (KF5NEP)

Bob Tarbet (K5RMT)

Terry Williams (KD5KJU)

Glenn Yerger (KD5BCM)

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