Race for the Cure — Saturday, April 2, 2005

Net Control: W5ZDN (KC5NT) on 147.16 (tone 123)

1 mi Course,  » 8:00 am



Starting Line: 3rd and Franklin (Ninfa’s and City Hall)



2nd & Franklin



University Parks Drive (UPD) & Franklin



Martin Luther King (MLK) and Franklin (across bridge)



North Suspension Bridge & MLK



South Suspension Bridge & UPD



Washington and UPD (convention center and Marriot)



3rd & Washington







5k Course,  » 8:30 am



Net Control (HOTARC Trailer beside City Hall)

K5YKC Rodney


Lead Police car



Start/Finish Line: 3rd and Franklin (City Hall)



*Franklin and University Parks Drive (UPD)



Mary & UPD



Jackson & UPD (RR tracks)



Webster & UPD (Residence Inn)



Clay & UPD (Residence Inn)



Ross & UPD (Credit Union & Arby’s)

KD5IQ Marshall,
KE5EGI David


I35 service road & UPD (west side)



I35 service road & UPD (east side)

N5RKL Mary


Dutton and UPD



Baylor main entrance & UPD



Baylor Marina entrance & UPD



Bagby & UPD (intramural field)

KC5JWD Larry


Cottonwood (turn-around)