Tonkawa Ultra Cup Bike Race 2013

HOTARC assisted with communications for a new biking event in our area, lasting all day on Saturday July 13, 2013. There were three different events running simultaneously on a 24-mile loop between McGregor and Crawford:
  • 6-Hour Race.
    Commenced at 6:00 AM, and concluded at 12:00 noon.
  • 12-Hour Race.
    Commenced at 6:00 AM, and concluded at 6:00 PM.
  • 24-mile Time Trial.
    Commenced at 8:00 AM, with riders starting individually at one-minute intervals.

APRS tracks from our trackers We supplied operators at Crawford High School (north end of the course), where we were provided a pop up tent, power, water, and sports drink, and the Net Control station at the Atria Hotel in McGregor (south end of course). The HOTARC trailer was parked in the RV section about halfway back, and provided with power (so no need to use the generator). Net Control in the trailer was operational from about 5:00 AM to about 6:00 PM.

We provided APRS Trackers on the standard 144.39 frequency for 4 Course Marshalls to use, and this capability was very appreciated. They each logged about 150 miles over the duration of the event. For voice operations, HOTARC used the 145.150 repeater (tone 123.0), which provided good coverage for this course. The 147.240 repeater (tone 97.4) was designated for backup, but not needed. The final tally was 79 riders. At the end of the event, the State Race Director commented that this was the best organized inaugural event he had seen. Next year they plan to include a 24-hour event!

24-mile Course Map

Starting Line (Net Control) detail
Click here for a MapMyRide course map, including link to Google Earth 3D "video flyover" of the course.

Very early start for everybody—before sunrise
Miles and miles of quiet, relatively flat, country roads

July 13, 2013 6:00AM – 10:00AM 10:00AM – 2:00PM 2:00PM – 6:00PM
Net Control
(Atria Hotel)
Clint Anderson AE5CA
Jason Unwin KF5UEF
Rodney Baden K5YKC
Jim Jud KA5QKL
Robert Barton W5OES
Clint Anderson AE5CA
Crawford HS Larry Parham KF5LNT
Mike Hancock N5TCC
Ed Hynan KC5KNI
Jorge Gaete KE5UBP
Bill Feltenberger KD5UEW
Aaron Thompson KD5MBX
Wayne Branscum KD5SMC

A big thank you to all the HOTARC hams that supported the Tonkawa Ultra Cup! It was great to see a group of professionals cocked and ready to go. I was glad that an urgent need did not arise, although it would have added spice to a long, hot day. It is great to be associated with such a fine group, fledgling that I am, and to see you on site before the crack o' dawn and not leaving until the last bicyclist was accounted for.

Oh, I was one of the slow guys wearing too tight spandex. I completed 100.8 official miles and clocked 106.5 on my computer with the additional miles riding to and from my pit stops, and riding home after the race. This is the longest that I've ridden in one day. I'm not sure if it was the distance or the temperature that caused my pace to decline, decline, decline. I finished with a 12.9 mph average. Not bad for me, but waaaay slower than everyone else.

Bob Tarbet, K5RMT

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