Getting to K5HOT
3071 Rockbridge Road
Talk-in 146.52 MHz

Map to K5HOT

Driving Instructions from Highway 84:
  1. From Highway 84, between Waco and McGregor, turn "north" on Bosque Lane to Oak (or alternately, turn on Speegleville Road where there is a traffic light and then to Oak).
  2. Turn left on Oak, and follow it through a sharp right bend, and then to Hidden Valley.
  3. Turn right on Hidden Valley (a fancy brick entrance) and then quickly turn left onto Bear Creek Crossing.
  4. Follow Bear Creek Crossing for a block and turn left again onto Rockbridge Road.
  5. Stay on Rockbridge (quite a winding way) until you find 3071 Rockbridge, and see Dave's antenna tower.
Note that Rockbridge Road loops back on itself (see the map), so don't get confused. Dave's house is about 2 driving miles from Highway 84.