WATS Happenings

Official Newsletter of the
Waco Amateur Television Society (WATS), Inc.

Volume 6, Issue 7, July 2001

Meeting Notice
CORD Offices
601 Lake Air Drive
Waco, TX 76710
Thursday June 21, 2001
Directors 7:00 pm, Members 7:30 pm

Field Day 2001 is Here!

Field Day is June 23-24, the weekend immediately following our June WATS meeting! Unless we decide something different, WATS will probably try something special at the HOTARC Field Day site again this year. Bonus points will be awarded for ATV this year, so we will want to make an ATV or SSTV contact with some of you that can’t make it out to the Field Day site.

Field Day setup

As in years past, HOTARC sets up their trailer at Hewitt Park, starting around 10:00 am Saturday morning. (Take the Hewitt Drive exit off Waco Drive/ Hwy 84, and drive all the way through Hewitt to the Park on the right side of the road.)

Come out and join the fun, have lunch with us, and before the afternoon is out we’ll probably have made several ATV and SSTV contacts and racked up some contest points for HOTARC.

Stick around awhile longer and you’ll likely be making HF contacts from all over the country!

President’s Column

Now that things have settled down from our trip to Dayton last month, I have had time to work on the ATV Van and can report that all the electrical wiring is now traced and works. I’m ready to rebuild and rewire all the dash and fuse block, clean and repaint the van, and should be ready to get it insured, licensed and inspected in about a month or so. I will have lots of work for all to do on a work day coming soon. As they say, “you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.”

Horace Bushnell W5TAH says, “The May 2001 WATS Happenings will be the last for me.” Horace states that over 6 years ago he started the club newsletter, WATS Happenings for The Waco Amateur Television Society known as (WATS), Inc., using a Commodore 64 as his first computer. Since then, he’s moved up with two other PC’s. He has 72 issues under his belt and says he’s tired and his health has been a problem for some time and so, he needs to pass the ball to someone else. “I have received a lot of satisfaction working on the news letter,”, Horace says, “and I appreciate the help I have received from several of you, John Gafford N5XAK, in particular. N5XAK has done the copy work, without compensation almost from the beginning of publication of Happenings and recently has been writing a column for it.” John Chamberlain AC5CV has offered to pick up the ball and run with it. We say thanks to W5TAH, N5XAK and AC5CV—may Happenings continue.

We will have a meeting this June 21, 2001 at CORD and hope to see every one there. Hope we can do something special for Field Day.

73 de KC5UOZ
David L Bush
WATS President

Financial Report
31 May 2001

Bank Balance as of 30 April 2000

   Credits:         Deposit

   Debits:       Check   #360

Bank Balance as of 31 May 2001



Horace Bushnell, W5TAH

WATS Happenings is the official newsletter of the Waco Amateur Television Society (WATS), Inc., a non-profit organization, chartered by the State of Texas with registered offices at 3804 N 21A Street, Waco, TX.   Use of information contained herein is permissible, provided credit is given to the source. Edited and published by John Chamberlain, AC5CV.

2001 WATS Officers and Directors

President: David Bush, KC5UOZ, KC5UOZ@bigfoot.com

Secretary/Treasurer: Horace Bushnell, W5TAH, W5TAH@aol.com

Director (thru 2003): John Chamberlain, AC5CV, AC5CV@arrl.net

Director (thru 2002): John Gafford, N5XAK, jgafford@clearsource.net

Director (thru 2001): Norris Martin, KB5SLI, nmartin@tstc.edu