WATS Happenings

Official Newsletter of the
Waco Amateur Television Society (WATS), Inc.

Volume 7, Issue 8, August 2002


Meeting Notice
at CORD Offices (click for photo)
601 Lake Air Drive (click for map)
Waco, TX 76710

Thursday August 15, 2002
Directors 7:00 pm, Members 7:30 pm


President’s Column

Agenda for WATS Meetings

Directors’ Meeting

1.   Approval of the
July Board Minutes

2.   Approval of the
Treasurer's Report

3.   Old Matters:
Cross-band repeater

4.   New Matters

Members’ Meeting

1.   Approval of the
July Member Minutes

2.   Treasurer's Report as approved in Board Meeting

3.   Old Matters:
Board discussion of cross-band repeater

4.   New Matters

5.   Program

Fellow ATVers:

'Tis the month of August, and it is HOT!  Our meeting this month will revert to CORD as our faithful Secretary/Treasurer is back in town.  We have a couple of items to discuss, so please plan to attend.

We still have a little work to do on the repeater.  Horace (W5TAH) and I plan to remove the transmitter, and do the required mod on a mic circuit off site. We also plan to measure, and adjust if necessary, the sound subcarrier frequency, but this will have to wait until I get a new frequency counter from Optoelectronics.  This little operation, can, with a little pre-planning, be done on site. It has been suggested that we do the mic work as the program for the August meeting, as some members might appreciate seeing some of our hardware.

See you Thursday, August 15th.  Board at 7:00pm and members at 7:30 pm.

Your Pres,
John N5XAK


Waco Amateur Television Society (WATS)
Minutes of the Board Meeting
Thursday, July 18, 2002


The WATS Board of Directors met at Texas State Technical College at 7:05 PM. Those present were:

         John Gafford, President

         Horace Bushnell, Director

         Norris Martin, Director


Horace Bushnell acted as secretary in the absence of John Chamberlain, who was on a cruise to Alaska.


Old business:

President Gafford asked if there was a motion to approve the minutes of the previous meeting as published in the WATS newsletter. Horace Bushnell made the motion. The motion was seconded by Norris Martin and approved unanimously.


Norris Martin made a motion for approval of the Treasurer’s Report as published in the WATS newsletter. Second to the motion was made by Bushnell and approval was unanimous.


A discussion was held regarding our participation in Field Day 2002 activities. President Gafford presented the invoice he received from DuPuy Oxygen, in the amount of $56.51 for reimbursement, previously approved.


New business:

Subsequent to the June meeting of the Board, Bushnell polled the members of the Board by e-mail to see if they were agreeable with his proposal to purchase a Intuitive Circuits DTMF-8 Controller Board and to repair the ATV Repeater Controller. A majority replied in the affirmative.


Bushnell reported having purchased the Controller Board and having rebuilt the Controller. It has been installed in the repeater with the help of John Gafford. Bushnell presented the Invoice he received, in the amount of $119.00 and moved for reimbursement Motion for reimbursement was seconded by Norris Martin and approval was unanimous.


There being no other business to conduct, meeting was adjourned at 7:15 PM.


Horace Bushnell

Acting as Secretary


Waco Amateur Television Society (WATS)
Minutes of the Meeting of Members
Thursday, July 18, 2002


The WATS Meeting of Members was held at Texas State Technical Institute. The meeting was called to order at 7:30 PM. Present were:

         John Gafford, President

         David Bush

         Horace Bushnell

         Norris Martin

         Mike Ross

         Justin Martin (visitor)


President Gafford reviewed Board actions for benefit of others in attendance.


Norris Martin moved approval of Minutes of the previous meeting of members. Second was by Mike Ross and motion was approved unanimously.


A brief discussion was held concerning publishing of the WATS newsletter on the web page. The discussion began with a statement, by Bushnell, that the whole world does not need to know every detail of what takes place in WATS meetings. The Minutes of our meetings should be confined to the WATS records books.  Secondly, the fact that a document will appear on the World Wide Web is enough to discourage an amateur writer from making a presentation for publication. President Gafford suggested a solution might be in sending WATS Happenings to members via e-mail, without putting it on the web page at all.  Bushnell then suggested the Directors discuss this matter at a future Board meeting.


Meeting was adjourned at 7:45 PM for a very interesting demonstration by David Bush of several different types of yagi antennas cut for ATV frequencies.


Submitted by

Horace Bushnell

Acting Secretary



Financial Report

August 2002

Beginning Balance (1 July 2002)

    Credits:   None

    Debits:    Checks

Ending Balance (31 July 2002)



Outstanding (as of 8-11-02):

    Credits:   None

    Debits:    None


John Chamberlain, AC5CV
WATS Secretary/Treasurer



WATS Happenings is the official newsletter of the Waco Amateur Television Society (WATS), Inc., a non-profit organization, chartered by the State of Texas with registered offices at 3804 N 21A Street, Waco, TX.  Use of information contained herein is permissible, provided credit is given to the source. John Chamberlain, AC5CV, acting Editor/Publisher.

2002 WATS Officers and Directors

President: John Gafford N5XAK, jgafford@clearsource.net

Secretary/Treasurer: John Chamberlain AC5CV, AC5CV@arrl.net

Director (thru 2004): Horace Bushnell W5TAH, W5TAH@aol.com

Director (thru 2003): Norris Martin KB5SLI, nmartin@tstc.edu

Director (thru 2002): Marshall Mabry KD5IQ, MabryM@aol.com


Visit the WATS web page!  http://www.qsl.net/kc5oyn