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Volume 6, Issue 9, September 2001


Meeting Notice
CORD Offices (click for photo)
601 Lake Air Drive (click for map)
Waco, TX 76710

Thursday September 20, 2001
Directors 7:00 pm, Members 7:30 pm

Hams Ready To Help

While you have surely heard and read just about all you want to hear about the tragic terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, there may still be some room for some news--some of it encouraging and uplifting--related to ham radio. Here are a few of the stories you can peruse (courtesy of ARRL). Of course, we will all continue to pray and remember in our thoughts the thousands of families greivously touched by this disaster.

President’s Column

President, KC5UOZ

I would like to thank those that helped with the Symphony 6000 run. Special thanks goes to AC5CV, N5XAK, and KC5KQL for transmitting. Once again I set up as ATV Net Control in the HOTARC trailer and, as usual, there were a few kinks. I arrived at the trailer at 6:00 AM. Roger WB5MBO and Mike N5MVL were just ready to drive off when I pulled up. They said that the city power outlet that we were told would be "hot" was "not," and that until the power came on, the trailer was on battery power. I went ahead and set up the ATV stuff: the Cam Eye on the top of trailer, the TV outside the trailer, and the receive and record equipment. All we were waiting for was the city power to come on. I did look at the outlet and noticed that, not only were we plugged in to that outlet, but so were three other people: like the stage with all the band's equipment! In a few minutes, the power came up every thing worked fine. The band cranked up and started playing, and I even had every one checked in. Boy, we were rolling! But just a few minutes before the starting gun fired, the power outlet died! Well, we scrambled around and just started the HOTARC generator. Once again we had power, and everything came back up--except the VCR! I tried several things to reset it, but it just would not come back. I decided that I was not going to be able to record, so we just "watched" your ATV pictures. It was just one of those days when it seemed like every one was having a little share of trouble. We might do well to have a workday and see if we all could improve our portable transmitting and receiving.

Hope to see everyone Thursday night September 20, 2001 for our monthly WATS Meeting. The Board of Directors will meet at 7:00pm, and Members at 7:30pm.

Don't forget the next special event: Saturday, September 29, 2001, Waco Wild West Century Bike Ride.

73 de KC5UOZ
David L Bush
WATS President

Special Events Require Special Hams!

KC5UOZ ATV Net Control

My thanks to all the WATS members who contributed to our successful support of the Symphony 6000 special event. KC5UOZ did his usual fine job of setting up our receiving station in the HOTARC trailer, along with an outside TV monitor and a remote-controlled camera perched high above the trailer for some local images. Stations N5XAK, KC5KQL, and AC5CV sent images back to the HOTARC trailer for interested families and others to view.

Unfortunately, as David shared in his President's Column, Murphy also showed up and zapped the VCR. But quick thinking and rewiring on David's part at least rescued the day for the rest of us. He was still able to receive and view our images, as well as share them with the outside TV monitor. So we were unable to get a recording of our images, but those around the trailer were suitably impressed with our work. For example, the last finisher of the event was a wheel chair bound man watched by many on ATV as he neared the end of that impressive feat! Kudos to all of you!

Well, before we breathe too easily, keep your portable stations dusted off, as we have another big special event at the end of this month. The Waco Wild West Century Bike Ride is scheduled for Saturday September 29, 2001. The course is changing this year for the long-distance riders. That won't affect us much, as we typically only cover the 25 mile course. But we can consider it this year, if you like. We'll discuss how we'd like to handle this year's event at the September meeting, so please come loaded with ideas and enthusiasm. Our President has suggested a "workday" to try to polish up some of our setups and techniques. Perhaps by all of us taking a day to go portable at the same location and transmitting back to the repeater we can compare signal qualities and find out what each other is doing "right" and "wrong." There's always room for improvement guys!!

By the way guys, you see here how a photo or two really livens up any article in our Happenings. How about putting that digital camera of yours to some good use? Take some photos the next time you're out--especially at a Special Event--and then send me the best ones in time for the next issue. You can write a short article to go with them or I'll try to figure out some way to include them. Either way, you'll have your handiwork posted to the world wide web!

John Chamberlain, AC5CV
Special Events Coordinator

Waco Amateur Television Society (WATS)
Minutes of the Board Meeting
16 August 2001

The Board of Directors meeting was held at the offices of CORD, 601 Lake Air Drive, at 7:00 PM.

Those present were as follows:
        David Bush, President
        Horace Bushnell, Secretary-Treasurer
        John Chamberlain, Director
        John Gafford, Director
        Norris Martin, Director
        Justin Martin, Webmaster (Visitor)

Old business:
John Chamberlain moved approval of the minutes of the July meeting as shown on the WATS webpage. Motion was seconded by John Gafford and passed.

John Chamberlain moved approval of the Financial Report as reported on the webpage be approved. Motion was seconded by John Gafford. Approved.

New business:
John Gafford moved; seconded by John Chamberlain, that the original camcorder, since removed from the Skycam, be donated to Goodwill Industries. It is not repairable within our capabilities. Motion passed.

John Chamberlain reported the Symphony 6000 Walk/Run will be held on September 1, 2001 and began taking names of members willing and able to furnish communications for that event. He also reported the Wild West Century Bike Ride will be held soon and Jim Lovett will handle that through HOTARC.

John Chamberlain showed us a camcorder he acquired through ubid.com and being returned because it was not as advertised, and offered to sell it for the $181.00 due if not returned.

There being no other business, meeting was adjourned at 7:25 PM.

Horace Bushnell, W5TAH

President, KC5UOZ

Secretary-Treasurer, W5TAH

Director, AC5CV

Director, N5XAK

Director, KB5SLI

Photos by W5NCD and N5XAK

Waco Amateur Television Society (WATS)
Minutes of the Meeting of Members
16 August 2001

The Meeting of Members was held at the offices of CORD, 601 Lake Air Drive, at 7:30 PM. Those present were as follows:
    David Bush, President
    Horace Bushnell, Secretary-Treasurer
    Larry Bush, Member
    John Chamberlain, Member
    John Gafford, Member
    Marshall Mabry, Member
    Norris Martin, Member
    Justin Martin, Webmaster/Visitor
    Ross Mormino, Visitor

John Chamberlain moved approval of the minutes of the July meeting as shown on the WATS webpage. Motion was seconded by Norris Martin and the motion was approved.

Marshall Mabry moved and Horace Bushnell seconded the motion that John Chamberlain be authorized to obtain a suitable replacement camcorder for the skycam. He was asked to look for a replacement and keep in contact with the Technical Committee and seek their advice on a final selection, with $600 being the top authorized purchase price.

John Chamberlain polled those in attendance for communications participants in the September 1 Symphony Run/Walk. He also reminded members of the upcoming Wild West Century Bike Ride, for which communications will be coordinated by Jim Lovett, AC5CV. We expect to hear from him shortly.

Visitor Ross Mormino offered some suggestions for a future meetings' program.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:00 PM for a program by David Bush.

Horace Bushnell, W5TAH


Financial Report
30 August 2001

Bank Balance as of 31 July 2001

    Credits:  None

    Debits:   Check #362

Bank Balance as of 30 August 2001

Available balance:



- - - - - - - - -


Horace Bushnell, W5TAH


WATS Happenings is the official newsletter of the Waco Amateur Television Society (WATS), Inc., a non-profit organization, chartered by the State of Texas with registered offices at 3804 N 21A Street, Waco, TX.  Use of information contained herein is permissible, provided credit is given to the source. Edited and published by John Chamberlain, AC5CV.

2001 WATS Officers and Directors

President: David Bush, KC5UOZ, KC5UOZ@bigfoot.com

Secretary/Treasurer: Horace Bushnell, W5TAH, W5TAH@aol.com

Director (thru 2003): John Chamberlain, AC5CV, AC5CV@arrl.net

Director (thru 2002): John Gafford, N5XAK, jgafford@clearsource.net

Director (thru 2001): Norris Martin, KB5SLI, nmartin@tstc.edu