Amateur Television Repeaters and Skycam

Slow Scan TV


W5ZDN ATV-repeater. We have mounted an ATV repeater atop the Hillcrest Medical Tower, one of the highest points in McLennan County. The repeater listens on an input frequency of 910.25 MHz and retransmits on an output of 421.25 MHz (Cable channel 57). The repeater enables ATV communications from almost anywhere within McLennan County, and in some places beyond. The repeater is currently operational and open to any amateur use.

Sky Cam

The HOTARC Skycam is a color video camera mounted atop the Waco Hilton Hotel across the street from the Waco Suspension Bridge and Indian Springs Park. Using 2-meter FM radio signals, members can activate the camera and transmitter to control a pan-tilt head and point the camera in almost any direction. The video signal is beamed to the W5ZDN ATV-repeater. The Skycam is currently operational (with some technical difficulties) and open to all HOTARC members.

Here are some pictures of the Skycam being installed.
Click on an image for a larger version.

Left: The skycam's transmitter and ID board in the Hilton
Left Center: KC5FRX (left) and W5TAH (right) installing the Skycam
Right Center: W5TAH installing the skycam
Right: The installed skycam

Slow Scan TV

Slow Scan TV has been quite active in Central Texas. Larry Bush W5NCD used his 147.24 MHz repeater for SSTV. Waco area hams frequently exchanged sloc-scan images via 2 meters with this repeater. Of course, the image quality is superb (compared to the image degradation one typically encounters with HF SSTV). The development of digital modes permits sending of the perfect images.


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