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Field Day 2006 Photos

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Under the pavilion at Hewitt Park, KC5NT operates while KD5SMC logs the contacts on a PC.

In our emergency communications trailer, two visitors watch as K5IMC makes one of almost 500 CW QSOs.

Our Field Day Chairman KE5ERW gets on the air for a little HF action, too!

K5OWO got some kids to speak into the mic for a GOTA contact! Ka-ching! 20 bonus points!

This young man made 16 contacts—and would probably have stayed all night—except it was getting past his bed time.

A VE testing session conducted by AC5QQ, KI5QT, KC5WQE, and KD5UEW netted three new hams!

While chowing down chicken tenders, KD5SMC and KI5QT listen to N5MVL tell of magic 6-meter band openings.

K5WAR created special FD 2006 t-shirts for HOTARC. The matching t-shirts definitely improved our scores this year.

State Rep Doc Anderson and his wife came for dinner, and even made a GOTA contact for us!

KWTX-TV aired a very nicely done segment on the 6 o’clock news. Did you see it?

K5WAR and AC5CV tried for a satellite contact, but just couldn’t break through the FD pile-ups

A fortuitously positioned high-intensity light made for a spectacular nighttime photo.

Photos contributed by AC5CV, K5WAR, W5JRM, and KD5SMC.

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